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Strange Wednesdays: Once in a Lifetime

Last week I read a post by Nel at Reactionary Tales that jogged a memory for me. It was about endangered North Atlantic Right Whales, and the part that struck me the most was how few are left in the wild (300-350). Because I’ve seen them. When I was in elementary school, I went on several whale watches as field trips. The hope on every trip was to spot a humpback whale, but we often saw pilot whales as well. At the time, to me and my classmates, they were just “not humpbacks.” A disappointment.

In hindsight of course, it was a rare and unique experience to see them. One that got me thinking of some of the other things I experienced when I was younger that I didn’t have the same appreciation for that I do now. I’m digging though a massive amount of old photos to put together a memory lane type post. Hopefully I find some of those whales.

For now, I have a photo of a dark stranger I spotted on a ferry ride to Martha’s Vineyard 15 Years ago. Currently working on a horror haiku to go with it!

Strange Happenings This Week:


This week it’s Friday the Thirteenth! Avoid breaking mirrors and black cats…


This week the small but easy-to-see constellation Corvus the Crow is visable. It lies south of Virgo the Maiden.


Friday, April 13th

Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas – HBO’s new docuseries uses field reporting and commentary to examine social issues facing Americans.

10×10 out in theaters- Stars Luke Evans as a man obsessed with getting revenge against woman that he locks in a soundproof cell.

Monday, April 16

It Was Him: The Many Murders of Ed Edwards– In Paramount Network’s new documentary series, John Cameron investigates serial killer Ed Edwards to see if he can be tied to other famous crimes.


100 For Parkinson’s takes the data set created by users who play online games, and compares it to players with Parkinson’s diseases.


  1. Nel says

    Oh! I can’t wait to see your memory lane post. That’s a great idea! You also make a good point about how we didnt really think about these things as kids but now as adults it’s astonishing.

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  4. I will find it hard to avoid black cats on Friday 13th as I live with one 😉 I’ll take my chances! I was lucky enough to visit Australia many yeras ago. Top of my wishlist was to see a whale, which I did, on a whale-watching trip. The size of this magnificent beast blew my mind and I was so overcome with emotion I could hardly breathe. This is why photos are so great, they remind us and keep those memories alive.

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