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Somewhere Over the Rainbow II

Commuting to work via train can be a real exercise in drudgery. I know, I commuted by train into Boston for years before moving to North Carolina. So I love finding videos of people who find away to brighten the morning and thwart the commuter blues for some of the millions of people riding the train each year.

The first video is a morning singalong where commuters in Perth are lead by members of The Liberators in a rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. The second captures a few members of Improv Everywhere offering over 2,000 commuters a high five during rush hour at the busy subway station at 53rd Street and Lexington Avenue in New York City.


  1. I love the first one! I could just imagine trying that on the subway in Chicago! Some hope! I somehow don’t think the guy would have got past his opening speech but it’s a lovely thought.

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  2. Beautiful post, it always nice to brighten someone day in whatever way we can. “Some where over the rainbow” was my graduation song from primary school, brought back some memories.
    Also on the community pool i saw you mention something about an app which helped keep you on schedule with your blog post, could you share the link.
    Also do check out my page and it will be nice if you follow as well. Keep those beautiful post coming.

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  4. CimmerianSentiment says

    I love, love, love! stuff like this. The randomness and silly events put on by people with more guts and bravado than most have, I think that makes them micro-heroes(Small but mighty). They give people something to smile about, talk about and that random silliness is passed on if only because it put a smile on a face(They’re contagious after all).

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  5. Love the passengers who even harmonize! That’s awesome. Years back, when I was riding the Metro to work in D.C., one of the big young violin stars (I forget who) played in a station–like he wasn’t somebody famous–and most people just walked on by. So sad. Nice to see some commuters can take a chance on a little sing-a-long happiness on their way to work!

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  6. Dear ES, It’s been almost 20 years since I retired. I’m dazzled by how beautiful people looked going to work at my old subway stop, and how really beautiful the smiles were! We were not so willing to smile back then, and I really don’t think we looked nearly as good!

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