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The Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival

Today’s post comes from this month’s guest blogger, Jeff with Batch and Narrative. Jeff runs with his wife Leah, where they write about cooking, writing, and everything else. Jeff is a high school English teacher, and Leah is a dietitian. They’ve lived in North Carolina for about a year and are so far loving it.

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Every year the city of Harbin holds the world’s largest ice and snow festival. Harbin is in China, close to Russia, and it is VERY cold. Temperatures in the winter hover around 0 degrees Fahrenheit, yet there are banners up all over the city (in Chinese and in English) which read along the lines of “Move here, it’s great!” So no references to the fact that water freezes there six months out of the year, though that gusto and the Harbin people’s cold weather toughness are things I really admired.

I had the opportunity to go to the ice festival in January of 2016 with some Chinese friends. They thought anyone would be crazy to move to the city, but I loved it and the festival. There were ice buildings, ice towers, ice bridges, ice slides, skating rinks, snow sculptures, snow castles, and even groups of wooly llamas. The best pictures I took were at night, when they light up the festival grounds. I hope you enjoy.



  1. Cool! (Pun unintended). 🙂 I knew a place in Vermont that once had an
    “ice bar” completely made of ice where people drank their beers on this icy patio. Strange, huh? But those pics don’t compare to the ice bar. Wow! 🙂

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  2. Fun article. I’m a figure skater and fan, and Harbin is the main training center of Chinese figure skating. Seeing this, it seems to have been a natural choice.

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