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I’m on vacation all week, and I’ve already taken a road trip from Charlotte, NC to Fort Myers, Florida. The trip was a great opportunity not only to visit friends and family, but to take some extra time to stargaze as well. In addition to my usual moon sightings, I managed to catch a glimpse of Mercury and Venus after sunset, and constellations like Orion.

Strange Happenings This Week:


Friday, March 23rd- Near Miss Day. Celebrates the day a mountain sized asteroid came within 500,000 miles of colliding with Earth in 1989.


Sunday, March 25th- Jupiter is the brightest point in the sky, and is visible between 11pm and 4am.


Friday, March 23rd-

The Rise and Fall of the Brown Buffalo premieres on PBS. This unorthodox documentary follows the exploits of Oscar Zeta Acosta — the basis for Dr. Gonzo in Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Isle of Dogs out in theaters. Directed by Wes Anderson, this stop motion animated movie set in Japan follows a young boys quest to find his lost dog.

Unsane out in theaters. Shot entirely on an iPhone by director Steven Soderbergh, unsane follows a young woman who is involuntarily committed and may or may not be truly suffering from delusions.

Monday, March 26th-

Into the Night premieres on PBS. An astrophysicist, preacher, philosopher and artisanal mortician each grapple with mortality in this introspective documentary.

The Terror premiereson AMC. This TV show is based on the 2007 best-selling novel by Dan Simmons, and gives a dramatized account of the failed expedition HMS Erebus and HMS Terror to the Arctic where they face starvation, cold, and a mysterious monster.

Volunteer: is an open, collaborative project where volunteers map areas where humanitarian organizations are trying to meet the needs of vulnerable people. Remote volunteers assist by tracing satellite imagery of previously unmapped areas into OpenStreetMap.


  1. lynnkelleyauthor says

    Lots of interesting tidbits in this post. Also, on March 31st there will be another blue moon, second full moon. There was a blue moon on January 31st, too. There haven’t been two Blue Moons in one year since 1999 and we won’t have one again until January and March, 2037! Isn’t that neat?:)

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