Strange Music
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I’m currently on a road trip visiting friends and family with my husband, driving from Charlotte NC to Fort Myers, Florida. Typically we prepare for a long drive with carefully curated playlists of our favorite songs, but were too busy this time to set them before leaving. This left us relying on the radio for music. Although at first a little frustrated with flipping through stations that faded in and out as we drove, in the process we’ve rediscovered our love for rock music.

While driving through South Carolina, I discovered 98.1 Rock Charleston. It was playing the best variety of rock music I’ve ever heard, from classic bands like Alice In Chains and Nirvana to newer groups like Greta van Fleet and Bad Wolves. We don’t have have a real rock station that I know of in Charlotte, the closest being 106.1 The End, and its more likely to be playing The Lumineers and Mumford and Sons instead Disturbed or Godsmack.

Discovering this station, and some new music, reminded me that it’s important to get out of my own self created bubble and look for new things to enjoy and experience. Since St. Patrick’s Day was yesterday, Bad Wolves cover of Zombies seems like an appropriate choice for this morning.


  1. Great song–thanks for introducing me to Bad Wolves! I don’t listen to as much rock as I used to (my kids like pop, of course, because they’re 8)–but it’s good to hear that there are still good baritone male voices (I loved Chris Cornell) on the radio today. And that guitar solo–nice! Listen to pop all day, and you’d think the guitar was extinct!

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