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Storm Chasing

I don’t necessarily hope that fog or storm clouds will interrupt my vacations, but I do find them mesmerizing when they show up. This week I’ve put together a collection of the most captivating storm clouds I’ve captured during a few different trips.

Long Beach, California

Nassau, Bahamas

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Mansfield, Massachusetts

Honolulu, Hawaii


  1. There’s nothing everyday about those photos. I love the juxtaposition between fiercest nature and dullest human activity–the storm over the parking lot! My fave is the top one. Where did that take place? I’ve been to Mexico and Hawaii, but both were under bizarre circumstances that took precedence over the scenery, though I did manage to paint a little in Mexico and drive around Oahu. What prompts all your traveling?

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    • The top one was taken in the Bahamas. Most of these were taken during cruises with my husband, and the Hawaii visit was a two week study tour I took during collage. Thank you for visiting!


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