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Four Reasons to Go to the Movie Theater

The amount of people heading to the movie theater has dwindled noticeable since the early 2000s, and the reasons why can be boiled down to four major ones. Prices for tickets have gone up, the amount of good movies being made has gone down, the emergence of streaming services, and increasing quality of television shows.

But there are still really good reasons to make the trip to the movies this year, here are the four that keep me buying tickets.

  1. Ticket sales determine what movies get made next.  It can be argued that movie theaters are flooded with remakes and sequels, but among those, original, inventive movies are still being released. A few examples from 2017 are Baby Driver, Get Out, and The Shape of Water. But if you want to see more original films, you have to see them in the theater and essentially vote with your money on what type of movie you want to see made next. Although in defense of sequels and remakes, it’s also been argued that there are only 7 basic plot lines that all stories are based on. Perhaps it’s quality of execution we should looking for, like Marvel’s latest release, Black Panther.
  2. There are more than just movies to watch. Thanks to Fathom Events, I have seen a broadcast of La Bome from The Metropolitan Opera in New York City, a production of National Theatre’s Hamlet in London, and Gabrial Inglasis perform stand up comedy in California, all from my local movie theater in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  3. You can’t buy a screen that big. No matter what screen you choose to watch them on, all movies are made to be seen on the big screen. To truly appreciate all the details of a movie, make up, costumes, set design, cinematography, action sequences, you have to see it in a theater.
  4. Watching with other people adds to your experience. As much as I tend to be a loner, hearing a whole crowd gasp, laugh, or yelp in surprise together makes seeing a movie more fun.

Strange Happenings This Week:


The Ides of March cormorants the Roman New Year and the first Day of spring on the Roman Calendar. It is also the day that Julius Caesar was assassinated, a major turning point in Roman history.


The Ides of March are also the best day of 2018 to spot the planet Mercury. Look for it just above Venus a half an hour after sunset.


Season two of Mysteries of the Abandoned starts March 20th on Science Channel. The show explores abandoned feats of engineering around the world, and fills in the history of their construction and why they were left to deteriorate.

Vertigo in theaters March 18th and 21st. Alfred Hitchcock’s stunning thriller starring Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak returns to the big screen for the 60th anniversary of its release.


Started as a google 20% project in 2009, is a a resource site for online volunteering designed to pair volunteers with projects and organizations.


  1. Nel says

    I agree with all but your #4. I hate going to a packed theater. People can just be so obnoxious to the point where I’d rather wait til it comes out on streaming somewhere. However, I have to admit, I’ve been to the movies more in the last year and a half then ever before because there’s just so many great and interesting releases!

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      • Nel says

        It’s funny that you say that cause that’s what we always do especially for big releases but movies just must be super popular in my time cause time of day doesn’t even matter, haha.

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  2. We visited Chicago recently and actually saw two movies in different theatres.

    The first was at the Tivoli in Downer’s Grove – a charming classic theatre that still has an organ with a live organist playing before the show. And it does not have adverts but just 5 minutes of trailers before the show. The movie was “The Post”.The second was at AMC in Lombard: a dine in theatre with all the usual pre-show nonsense and one of the worst behaved audiences imaginable. Frequent interruptions from cell phones! The movie was “Darkest Hour”

    Both were well worth seeing on the big screen – but the atmosphere of the theatre and the behaviour of the patrons could not have been a bigger contrast.

    Yer pays yer money and yer takes yer chances!

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  15. There’s another reason, I think, having just come from a movie experience. Nothing interrupts — no phones, the cat doesn’t walk across the screen, you don’t suddenly crave the caramel fudge ice cream in the freezer — you’re just there — from start to finish. It’s satisfying. And when you leave, you’re outdoors, in the real world and the real weather! Just a thought.

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  16. I just thought of another … the friend you’re with can’t keep telling you what comes next or who did it, as she might in your living room! The reasons are piling up!!! Do you think we can change one young mind?

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