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Brooklyn Botanic Garden

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden was founded in 1910 to maintain a green space in a growing urban area being filled with steel and concrete. Originally envisioned at 39 acres, its now expanded to 52, some filled with carefully manicured rose and herb gardens, while others have a more natural woodsy setting.

When I visited in 2008 it was 98 degrees outside and the air was saturated with humidity. Despite the heat the gardens were beautiful, tranquil and captivating, and I could almost forget the cityscape surrounding the gardens. I’m currently only typing with one hand, so I hope the hazy pictures I have from that day capture the visit!


  1. What beautiful photos of a place I came to late in my life … growing up at the other end of New York City. It’s a very special place. Very different from the one in the Bronx that I knew. You have a fine, fine eye and also … so much heart brought to these!

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  4. What gorgeous photos! Really looks like a beautiful place to walk, take pictures, and soak in the sun. I usually go to any Botanic Garden whenever we travel, but sadly have never been to this one. Thank you for taking me!

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