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Great Expectations

Writing about The Met’s gloriously over the top production of La Boheme got me thinking about New York City, and some of larger then life experiences I’ve had there. I haven’t seen an opera at The Met yet, but I have been to many other iconic locations around the city in the dozen or so times I’ve visited. One of the quintessential New York experiences that completely lived up to my expectations was crossing the Brooklyn Bridge at night to see the city’s skyline.

The bridge has a separate walk way for pedestrians above the six lanes dedicated for cars, and is free to cross. On the Brooklyn side of the bridge is Brooklyn Park, an 85 acre spanning the water front of the East River. The bridge itself is as big and impressive as is looks in movies, as is the glittering New York skyline. I may only have one blurry picture from that night, but the memories the experience left me are much clearer.

Strange Happenings This Week:


Popcorn Lover’s Day, March 8th. It was created on January 6, 2012, by Bob Matthews of Rochester, NY, in honor of his favorite snack.


You can spy Venus low in the western sky during twilight throughout the month of March.


Marvel’s Jessica Jones returns to Netflix for a second season March 8th. Fans will rejoin the former super hero turned private detective in Hells Kitchen.

The Death of Stalin is out in theaters March 9th. Black comedy that follows the final days of Stalin’s death and the ensuing power struggle.

Hamlet starring Benedict Cumberbatch in the 2015 National Theater production rebroadcasts on March 8th


If you live in the New York City area, The Brooklyn Bridge Park is always looking for volunteers to help maintain the park and staff the many events that go on throughout the year.


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