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Ripley’s Odditorium and Tussaud’s Wax Museum

Today I am excited to share Eveyday Strange’s second guest blogger, Rin with D.Y.I-ing Machine. Rin’s blog is dedicated to all aspects of DIY, and she enjoys the challenge of coming up with new projects and deciding what tools and materials to execute her vision. Especially if involves reproducing a prop from a movie! Rin also loves traveling, locally and internationally and visiting antique stores and museums to remember forgotten things and places. Eventually, she plans to start a travel dedicated blog as well, so consider today’s post a preview of things to come.

This was one of my first trips to the Ripley’s Believe it or Not in Grand Prairie Texas, made even more special as it was Valentine’s Day and I got to take my parents (their first time as well). Being in Texas for 8 years, I had no idea this place even existed so it was a wonderful, fun filled day for us exploring all the artifacts and exhibits. The entire exterior of the building has a whimsical feel to it with the bright colors and flags. Inside, there is a Louis Tussaud’s Wax Museum (which we went to first) and a Ripley’s Odditorium.

A few of the wax sculptures looked like their celebrity counterparts but overall this place wasn’t as good as the original museum.

The Odditorium was the highlight of the trip. So many random quirky, unbelievable images and facts presented all over the building. You could actually get whiplash turning your neck around to look at all the exhibits. Some of the memorable ones for me were:

Bed Pan Guitar

A whole ship made from camel bone

Genuine European human shrunken head


  1. Loved this! Reminded me of a place from childhood in Seattle, I think it was called The Old Curiosity Shop, which had even it’s Very Own Mummy. Not to mention other cool stuff. No wonder I write about ghosts. 🙂

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