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I’m eagerly awaiting the return of The Walking Dead this Sunday, and in the spirit of ghoulish and macabre entertainment, wanted to share a piece of flash nonfiction by fellow blogger Jeff Cann. Jeff’s blog The Other Stuff features personal essays and creative nonfiction on topics including mental health, cultural commentary and parenting. Give him a visit and enjoy!

Tentatively, I push through the battered wooden door, past its scarred reddish hue, into the adjacent room. I need to crouch down to squeeze through the tiny doorway.  The spring-loaded hinge offers enough resistance to make me question my plan to carry on, to follow this path. As I clear the door, the room beyond is black as a nightmare. Eli, behind me, grabs fistfuls of flannel shirt, terrified to release me, afraid I might disappear. A dim orange light winks twice revealing for an instant, rows of bodies–ghostly white with featureless faces–hanging from meat-hooks. In the following darkness, the image remains. Seared into my brain like a road-map pointing which direction to go. Slowly, we pick our way past the corpses, afraid to touch them, afraid they’ll touch back.

Eight seconds from the Den of Darkness. A haunted house at Field of Screams, “America’s #1 Haunted Attraction” in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Photo credit to Jeff’s fellow haunted house explorers.


International World Thinking Day – Created by the Girl Scouts in 1926 to encourage Girl Scouts to appreciate fellow Scouts and to learn more about the health issues that impact girls and women.


Saturn will be very visible just before dawn in it’s host constellation, Sagittarius the Archer.


Season 8B of The Walking Dead returns to AMC on February 25th along with its accompanying therapy session, Talking Dead. The war between Alexandra and the Saviors will certainly rage on.

Seven Seconds, a new crime drama from Netflix, will be available for binge viewing February 23rd. The new anthology series promises to show the human story behind a sensational headline.


Become a Smithsonian digital volunteer. Transcribe historical documents and biodiversity data to make them more accessible.


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