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Calling All Oddballs

Since I started this blog a year ago, one of the unexpected benefits of joining WordPress has been all of the different types of bloggers I have gotten to know and who follow this blog. The support the WordPress community shows is incredible. All the supportive comments, and every view this blog gets from a reblog, Facebook share, tweet, or link shared means so much to me.

So this Valentines Day I want to give some of that support back. I am looking for guest post submissions for the Strange Places and Events category that I feature each Friday. My goal is to feature one guest post the last Friday of each month. If I choose your submission I will include a link to your blog and any other social media you have.


1. Two or three paragraph description of the site visited.

2. A link to the site’s website if available, and any other sources you cited in your post.

3. At least 4-5 high quality photos of the site visited, taken by you. They don’t need to be taken with a fancy camera, all of mine are taken with a camera phone. My main criteria is that they are not blurry, and show the subject matter clearly.

4. 2-3 facts about you/your blog that I can use to introduce your post.

The subject matter can be a historical site, zoo, garden, festival, concert, convention or other place of interest that you find unusual or unexpected. I’m really looking forward to seeing the unique places you have been!

Email submissions to:


Chinese New Year– February 16th

President’s Day– February 19th


According to, “Look low in the west-southwest about an hour after sunset and you’ll see its 4-percent-lit crescent hanging in the twilight like the smile of the Cheshire Cat.”


Everything Sucks, new drama series premiering on Netflix February 16th. Set in a small town in Oregon and centered around AV and drama club students, I’m interested to see if the show depicts attending high school with realism, or a glaze of nostalgia.

This Close, new comedy streaming on Sundance Now. Created, written, and starring Josh Feldman and Shoshannah Stern, the show follows two deaf best friends navigating life in Los Angeles.


Lilly Pad Haven is an organization that provides housing and services for victims of human trafficking. They are always looking for volunteers to help with everything from maintenance work on the homes themselves, administrative work, and working with victims directly.

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