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Blood Orange Season

Once the holidays are long over and I am firmly settled in the back half of winter, I start looking for blood oranges at the grocery store. In season from roughly November through May in the US depending on where they are grown, they usually show up at my grocery store around mid January. Blood oranges are probably my favorite part of post holidays winter.

The darker crimson pulp is the result of antioxidant pigments rarely seen in citrus fruit, and the color only develops in cooler night air. They are the primary orange grown in Italy, where they are used in salads and desserts.

I typically juice them for cocktails, and throw them in the lunches I pack for work to switch things up. The more intense, slightly tart taste is a welcome change from holiday sweetness for me. If you haven’t tried one and see them lurking in the produce section of your grocery store, definitely give them a chance.


Groundhog Day is February 2nd. If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll really choose your alarm ringtone carefully.


This morning’s full moon will turn into a Blood Moon after 8:27am as the moon dims in the earth’s shadow and takes on an orange glow. Also a supermoon, it’s a real overachiever today.


February 4th is all about the Super Bowl. If your team didn’t make it (mine did!) or your not a football fan, filling out a prop bet sheet is an entertaining way to watch the game. I look forward to guessing the over under for the National Anthem every year almost as much as the actual game.


Veteran Sound Project is a great blog here on WordPress covering the healing power of music in the veteran community. It highlights the achievements of veteran musicians and organizations offering them support.


  1. Little Swan says

    I need to know more about blood orange cocktails. I love blood oranges but I usually have to search high and low for them where I live. I feel like it shouldn’t be this difficult for me in Louisiana, but it is.

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  9. They don’t have them in my grocery store, but your photo makes the very appealing. Ground Hog Day is my divorce anniversary–after 40 years it’s funnier than it used to be 🙂

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  10. I’ve not had a blood orange in donkey’s years! They re-named them in the UK to blush orange, as blood orange wasn’t seen to be politically correct. Madness!

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