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I’ve been obsessed with true crime novels, mysteries, and thrillers since childhood. As I got older, this obsession expanded to crime documentaries, Dateline, and countless cop shows. So I was overly excited to discover an unusual read right up my ally during my last trip to a used bookstore.

Evidence by Luc Sante is a compilation of old NYPD crime scene photos discovered by Sante while researching his book Low Life. The photos are all that remain after workers dumped stores of 70- 80 year old photographic into the East River while clearing out the old NYPD headquarters in the 1980s.

The photos, all taken between 1914 and 1918, are eerie and captivating. Sante compares looking at them to viewing history through a keyhole, and it’s a pretty apt description.

Of course this book prompted me to compile some of the other books and shows that have been feeding my crime fascination this week, let me know if you have a favorite I haven’t listed. I’m always looking for new discoveries!


Beer Can Appreciation Day- Celebrates the first day beer was sold in cans on January 24th, 1935.


Mars is very visible in the early morning hours on Sunday, January 28th.



Gone Girl

Night Film

House of Leaves

Five Days At Memorial







The Frozen Dead


Forensic Files


Micro volunteering network that allows professionals to use their skills to help organizations through online projects.


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