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Southern Snowstorm

A major snowstorm is a pretty rare event here in Charlotte, NC. Typically we only see a dusting of snow each winter, but this past Wednesday we were hit with a surprise winter storm. Of course, when I say major snowstorm, I mean the 2-4 inches it takes to completely shut down the city, weather that wouldn’t even cause a traffic jam in the northeast.

However you define it, this snow was especially rare for Charlotte, light and fluffy, the type usually seen in colder climates like Minnesota. The kind of snow that gently clings to every tree branch, transforming my surroundings into a kind of ethereal fairytale-scape. Much more picturesque  than the usual mix of rain and heavy wet flakes that douse my yard in slush and then freezes into icy cement overnight.

Although I normally prefer to experience winter through the view from my window, I decided to bundle up and brave the cold for a few photos while the snow was still falling. It was well worth it. The quiet created by a snowfall, which seems to muffle all sound, is something I rarely experience in the south. And by the time this is posted, the temperature will be back up to 40-50 degrees, and the snow will be long gone.


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  2. We also got unseasonable weather in Louisiana this winter, which of course shut down just about the whole the state. I find it quite enjoyable when I have the option to stay inside.

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  4. Looks beautiful! I miss snows like this when I lived up in New Jersey. I know it’s a pain to be stuck in the snow, but if you can wander out, it is a lovely sight! Love your images.

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