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Turning Schemes into Actuality

Now that I’ve settled on my blog goals for 2018, I need plan out the work I have to do to bring them to reality. I used a planner to track all of the work I do to write and manage my blog last year weekly, with varying degrees of success. Looking back at the weeks where I accomplished everything I wanted, and weeks that I fell short, here are the main three things I did that worked, plus some strange things to look forward to this week.

1. Track everything in one place.

Originally I wanted to only use my planner for my blog, and use phone reminders for my daily life. This presented a huge problem. I wasn’t taking into account my real life obligations when planning my blog goals. I wound up over-planning for my blog when I didn’t take other things into consideration, like my work out for the day or obligations that would keep me from writing. Keeping track of everything in one place keeps my goals realistic.

2. Make it fun.

My sister introduced my to the world of what I have nicknamed “creative planning.” Washi tape, stamps and stickers are carefully curated in accordance to a planners personal tastes and used to adorn a carefully chosen planner best suited to their organizational needs. Its definitely a precise Type A hobby, which isn’t exactly me, but I do enjoy adding a eerie stamp or skull sticker to my to do lists. It makes sitting down each Sunday to plan out me week something fun and creative to do, instead of just feeling like another chore.

3. Don’t let planning replace doing.

As satisfying as making a great to-do list or month long plan can be, it doesn’t replace getting actual stuff done. Sometime I would make an entire plan for my week Sunday night, feel really good about it, and that gratification placated me. I didn’t get much done, and my blog suffered. I combated this by tracking my blog’s stats to the effort I was putting in for the week to see the rewards of my work. This kept my motivation for seeing my plans through to the end.

This week:


The X-files returns to TV January 3rd at 8pm (EST) with promise of more mysteries, conspiracy theories, and aliens. Hopefully with a dash of silliness mixed with in with its gravitas.


Mars and Jupiter appear the brightest and closest together since January 1998 early Sunday morning, January 7th.


Trivia Day, January 4th. According to, “Robert L. Birch, Grand PunScorpion of the Puns Corps created this day to raise our awareness of the significance of trivia in the development of human curiosity, science, and fun.”


The United Nations Volunteers program has an online volunteer division at According to the website, “The UNV Online Volunteering service connects organizations working for the Sustainable Development Goals with volunteers eager to contribute to global progress using their time and skills online.”

The site functions like a jobs board, listing out opportunities at various organizations. It is easy to sign up and create a profile (I just did mine!), and then search for a posting that’s a good fit for your professional skills. Many of the postings require specific skills like translating, and there is an application process with the specific organization that is looking for a volunteer.


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  2. #3; Guilty as charged. Huge stumbling block for me! And I love a quirky fact and random odd knowledge (one of the reasons your blog caught my eye!) so will indulge in Trivia Day today 😉

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