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Unsolicited Advice (For Being a Better Person)

In the past I’ve always been good at sticking with my New Years resolutions, mainly because I made them incredible attainable. One year I resolved to get up 20 minutes earlier to walk my dogs before work. I made the change and did so for three years, only breaking the routine when I was moved to a new office much further from home, and it was too dark in the morning to keep it up.

Starting this blog in the beginning of the year was the exception to my usually attainable goals. It was a big, scary, challenge that I wasn’t sure I could execute or maintain. I didn’t see myself as a writer at all, but I really wanted to give blogging a try. A year later here I am, still writing, learning and growing within a whole community of amazing bloggers. It’s been so much more rewarding to achieve this big resolution then an smaller, easier one.

It’s thanks in part to an article from by David Wong, 6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You A Better Person. Originally published in 2012, it provoked such a strong response that they keep reposting it every year. It it’s some of the best advice I’ve ever read. In short, it challenges readers to ask themselves, “What do I do?” versus “What am I like?” and then focus on developing a useful set of skills in order to contribute to society while killing all the excuses that keep them from doing it.

So I’ve resolved to give myself another big resolution this year. In addition to my regular posts I’m going to get back into creative writing. I used to write poetry and short stories in high school, and stopped when I graduated. Fifteen years later, I’m determined to start back up again, and start posting the results here and submitting them for publishing opportunities.

I’ve also decided on some changes to my Strange Wednesdays posts. I’m simplifying the weekly entertainment rundown to one thing to read, watch, and do each week. I’m also adding a weekly online volunteering opportunity.

I’ll have a full rundown next week, but in the meantime, here’s 6 Hard Truths That Will Make You A Better Person. I can’t recommend it enough. What are your big resolutions?


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  2. Just came across your blog from the community pool and glad I did. 1. That book sounds interesting I’ll put it on my TBR. 2. I’m just picking up my creative writing again after a long hiatus so I think that’s a pretty cool goal. Good luck on the journey!

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