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Charlotte Motor Speedway

The Charlotte Motor Speedway is mainly known for hosting NASCAR races like the Coca-Cola 600, but it is also known in Charlotte for its massive Christmas lights display. The racetrack has hosted a Christmas lights display for eight years, but only in the last four has it grown into a full-blown light show coordinated with music.

I visited the first year it was open, and the biggest highlight wasn’t the lights themselves, it was driving on the racetrack itself while passing through the display, marveling at the sharp angle professional drivers navigate the turns of the track on.

During my visit this year the lights took centerstage. Mother and son duo Dale and Michael Gibson have run the Christmas display for the past three years, and this year features their biggest show yet. The display is an expansive light show timed to music, and visitors drive through it on a winding path that stretches almost four miles.

The pictures I took with my cellphone from a moving car barely do it justice, be sure to visit my instagram for some video of the spectacle.


  1. josypheen says

    This looks really pretty! Was it hard to take good photos while you were zooming around in your car!? I have a feeling if I tried this, I’d end up with lots of blurry pictures!

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