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The Problematic Preservation of History

Growing up a town over from Plymouth, Massachusetts, I spent a lot of time in elementary school learning about the Pilgrims. Their perilous trip across the Atlantic in Mayflower, surviving disease in the first few months of arriving in America, and finally establishing Plymouth as a colony.

Although Plymouth is known for being the settlement of the Pilgrims, it also has a local reputation for being home to one of the most disappointing historical sites in New England. Plymouth Rock, to be specific. Named the official landing place that the Pilgrims stepped on when they came ashore by Elder Thomas Faunce in 1741, (121 years after the Pilgrims arrived!) the rock has been moved, broken, and chipped away at before finally being returned to its original place on the waterfront and covered by a granite canopy. It is now half buried by sand and frequently covered by the high tide, disappointing visitors who come expecting a huge stone slab, and look down to find an unimpressive stone marker.

If you ever visit Plymouth, there is a better way to appreciate the Pilgrims arrival. Down the street from the Plymouth Rock monument is a restaurant called The East Bay Grill, and behind it is the parking lot for a boat launch for Plymouth Harbor. It’s also the perfect place to park and walk along the harbor’s jette, getting a gorgeous view of the harbor and Plymouth’s waterfront. For me, looking out at the same view the Pilgrim’s enjoyed when settling the area is a much better way to appreciate their history.

November 22

Godless (Netflix, new drama limited series)

Coco in Theaters

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Wednesday (ABC)

Saturday Night Live Thanksgiving Special (NBC)

November 23

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (NBC)

The Godfather marathon (AMC)

Rocky marathon (Spike)

The Simpsons Thanksgiving Feast Marathon (FXX)

Throwback Thanksgiving Marathon (VH1)

Jurassic Park Marathon (TNT)

November 24

Deadly Dentists (Investigation Discovery, new true-crime limited series)

Frontier (Netflix, new drama series)

Mom Day After Thanksgiving Marathon, (FXX)

Evolution Day

November 25

Star Trek marathon (BBC America)

Law and Order: SVU Marathon (USA)

November 26

66th Miss Universe Competition, (FOX)

November 28

Glitch (Netflix, new drama series)

Good Morning Call (Netflix, Season 2)

Prison Playbook (Netflix, new drama series)

Red Planet Day

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