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Alice’s Restaurant Massacree

There are a lot of traditions I enjoy on Thanksgiving. Consuming as much turkey, pecan spinwheels, and cranberry sauce as possible with my family, drinking copious amounts of red wine, and strategizing my online Black Friday shopping with my sisters is typically how I️ spend the day.

There is one particular tradition we enjoy that doesn’t involve complete gluttony, and that’s listening to Arlo Gunthrie’s Alice’s Restaurant Massacree, on the radio, at noon. Originally recorded in 1967 and detailing real events in his life (for over 18 minutes!) it became a Thanksgiving tradition to play the song on rock radio stations. Growing up my family arranged our travel plans for the day so we could listen to it on the car on the way to wherever Thanksgiving was hosted, and I️ still make a point to be by a radio every year to hear it.


  1. Growing up, DC’s “progressive” radio station WHFS played Alice’s Restaurant every Thanksgiving. Thanks for the memory, but forgive me, I won’t view the video. I think I’m Alice’s Restauranted out for my life.

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