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Pumpkin Picking, Demystified 

I recently went pumpkin picking at the same farm I typically visit each fall. I always look forward to selecting a prime, orange victim that I will eventually carve and proudly display on my front porch. This year however, things seemed a little amiss. As I walked up and down the pathways, I noticed plenty of plump pumpkins lining the edges of the walkways. But when I looked further, I noticed all of the vines still had green, underdeveloped fruit attached. A few minutes later I saw a few employees loading pumpkins off of a trailer, and my suspicions were confirmed. An unusually warm fall had forced the farm to ship in pumpkins to sell.

At first I felt a pang of disappointment. I didn’t come here to buy the same pumpkin I could have likely picked up from the front of my grocery store. But as I wandered the path, outside in fresh air, listening to a old popcorn popper pop, I realized I didn’t come here every year for a pumpkin. I came for an experience, and I was still getting it.

To match my small pumpkin revelation, my final list of Halloween movies are a collection of movies that make you think, and are an experience to watch. Touching on themes such as grief, social injustice, a life’s final moments, and iron clad traditions, they stay with you long after they are over.


The Babadock

Get Out

Jacob’s Ladder

The Village





The Crow

The Neon Demon

October 25:

Last chance movies leaving Netflix Nov. 1st:

The Matrix

V for Vendetta

Hard Candy

October 26:


Predator franchise marathoning on AMC


October 27:

Stranger Things (Netflix, Season 2)

All I See Is You in Theaters

October 28:

From If you live in the southern tier of states, you might be able to glimpse Mercury as October ends. The innermost planet shines brightly enough — magnitude –0.4. The problem is that it rises only a couple degrees above the west-southwestern horizon 30 minutes after sunset. Use binoculars first, then, if you observe Mercury, see if you also can spot it with your naked eyes.

David S. Pumpkins Halloween Special (ABC)

October 29:

Little Shop of Horrors in theaters


October 30:

Mischief Night

Odd Squad (PBS)

October 31:


Hocus Pocus marathons on Freeform

The Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror Marathons on FXX

The Halloween Franchise Marathons on AMC


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  2. I recently read an article about a high-end Louisiana restaurant bringing in Popeyes chicken to resell to it’s clientele at a huge markup. Your pumpkin story reminds me of this. Most of the pumpkin patches around me sell pumpkins at $.50 per pound. So that 30 pound pumpkin they just bought at Walmart for $2.99 is going to run me $15. I get the part about enjoying the experience, but it still seems like a rip-off. Part of the experience is knowing that you got a pumpkin that will still be fresh on Halloween night.

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