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Creeping on a Budget 

When I originally got into crafting, it was in part out of necessity. I had just gotten laid off from my job with a general contractor in 2008, two weeks before Thanksgiving, and in the middle of planning my wedding.

I suddenly found myself with a lot of time on my hands, and a real need to save money. Learning how to make things myself was the answer. I made my own Christmas gifts, reworked clothes from thrift stores, and made my own wedding decorations and bridesmaids gifts.

Although I’m in a much more stable financial situation now, I still have many of the same habits.  I still thrift shop, and challenge myself to reuse and rework things that I already have. My latest project is a set of Nightmare Before Christmas Magnets I created from a set of stickers I had been hanging onto for at least a year. They were just too cute to use! I had the epiphany last weekend to turn them into magnets using a leftover magnet sheet from my paper doll project. It was pretty easy to peel them, stick them to the sheet, and cut them out, leaving me with a set of fun magnets to put on my dry erase board.

In keeping with this weeks thrifty theme, I have a great list of horror movies that all overcame incrediblely small budgets with creepy concepts, compelling characters and seriously creative writing. Horror marathons are going strong on AMC, Freeform, and Syfy, the perfect excuse to stay home and pop your own popcorn.

If your looking for something lighthearted to break up all the macabre Halloween offerings, PBS is airing a showing of the Broadway hit She Loves Me, and Amy Sedaris’s new comedy starts on TruTV. And of course, the most budget friendly entertainment for the week, the Orionid meteor shower peaks October 21st.

Low Budget Horror
Blair Witch

Paranormal Activity

It Follows

Night of the Living Dead

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer


October 18

Syfy’s 31 Days of Halloween features Lake Placid and No-End House

Full schedule for the month here

October 19

Thirteen Nights of Halloween starts on Freeform!

Full schedule here

October 20th

Great Performances- She Loves Me

The Snowman in theaters

October 21:

From If you’re out enjoying the predawn darkness, you’ll likely see a number of bright streaks peppering the sky. These are Orionid meteors, which belong to an annual shower that peaks before dawn. Observers under a dark sky could see up to 20 meteors per hour shortly before twilight begins, when the constellation Orion the Hunter climbs highest in the south. (The meteors appear to radiate from a point in northern Orion.) With the Moon absent from the morning sky, viewing conditions could hardly be better this year.

October 22:

The Walking Dead (AMC, Season 8)

October 23:

AMC’s Fearfest is in full swing!

Halloween is marathoning all day, full schedule for the week here

October 24:

At Home with Amy Sedaris (TruTV, new comedy series)


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  2. Let me add one to your movie list – “Return of the Living Dead” – it has comedic elements, a great soundtrack, a lovable cast and it’s a nail-biter.

    Also, I’m obsessed with Amy Sedaris’ brother David right now. He’s a fantastic writer and a must read for anyone interested in creative non-fiction (like a blogger).

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  4. I love this!!! I have 3 young siblings and really enjoy crafting with them. It’s so great that you’re reusing things for crafting purposes. Most recently, I cut up a pair of used jeans to turn it into a wallet!

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