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Going Medieval

I have spent most of the past month eagerly anticipating my trip to the local Renaissance festival. I had envisioned a sunny day filled with turkey legs, jousting, fire breathing and pirate comedy shows. It was going to be a great event to feature on my Friday photography post. Alas, mother nature had different plans. It began raining about 20 minutes after my husband and I arrived to meet our friends, and never let up. There was little entertainment going on, and we wound up digging into our turkey legs huddled under the edge of a tent. I definitely did not take many pictures.

Although we were all a little bummed by the weather, and we certainly weren’t going to let the rain get in the way of a good time. We dodged in and out of every stall offering Medieval treats, myself picking up some amazing smelling soap and a new pin to adorn my blazers with. We stopped often for food, drank mead, and paid the extra two dollars to peruse a small exhibit of Medieval torture devices. By the end, we were dripping wet, laughing, and glad we stuck it out, no matter how ridiculous it got.

Much like my experience at the Renaissance festival, not all my movie watching experiences go as expected either. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by some with completely strange premises (Being John Malkovich, Stranger than Fiction), some were as campy and silly as I hoped (Sharknado, Scary Movie), and some stunned me with how completely unhinged they were (House, Lords of Salem). Enjoy the list below!

Completely Ridiculous Movies

Being John Malkovich

Stranger than Fiction


Blood Drive

Lords of Salem

Lake Placid


Scary Movie



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