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Ghost Opera

I discovered Tan Dun’s Ghost Opera completely by chance on iTunes. Apple’s music deal at the time was $4.99 classical albums, and the title Ghost Opera jumped out immediately. I’m a sucker for anything paranormal or horror related. I still read some reviews after buying it completely on impulse, and I’m glad I did.

It turns out that Tan Dun composed this music specifically for the Kronos Quartet and Wu Man to perform as part of a performance art peice. It is a 5 movement work that incorporates sounds made by water, stone, metal and paper. It features both Chinese and European instruments, and is inspired by both Bach and traditional Chinese Ghost Operas. Described as unusual and haunting, it is one of the most inventive performances I’ve ever seen. 


  1. hopelessblog says

    This is pretty cool actually I’ve always found it difficult finding music specific to this genre but it sounds very soothing in a haunting way!

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      • I’ll see what I can find with a paranoromal name. I was like you. I picked it up because I was in a used cd shop and the name looked cool. Plus at the time I had recently seen Kronos Quartet with a couple of friends.

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      • Ok, here are a couple. Love and Money’s “Strange kind of Love” and Stevie Nick’s “The Other Side of the Mirror”. Stevie Nick’s CD even has one song called “Ghosts”. Both were done in the late 1980s.
        I love the lyrics to strange kind of love,”she’s like a mermaid, locked in the dungeon of a sunken ship….In the back of my mind I hear the devil. It’s a strange kind of love that keeps me hanging on. She sees the future, built on his promises and dreams…”
        here’s hoping one of those two suits you

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