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Last weekend I accompanied my sister on an unusual shopping trip. Instead of work shoes or year round Halloween decorations, we were shopping for a new pet. We arrived at Repticon with one objective, searching through the numerous offerering of twenty plus vendors for either a Mexican curly haired or Brazilian black tarantula.

Until my sister bought her first tarantula a few years ago, I had no idea there were so many varieties of the hairy spiders. They range from slow and docile to speedy and aggressive, so researching before you buy is definitely recommended. This is really true for any critter you can buy at a convention, whether it’s a python or a hissing cockroach. Knowing the temperament and care required for any new pet is important, along with how big they get and how long they live. I met one vender selling baby turtles that would eventually grow to over 300 pounds and possibly outlive me if I chose to buy one. 

After a few hours of perusing the endless rows of snakes, legless lizards, bearded dragons and countless other creepy crawlers, my sister settled on a docile Mexican curly haired tarantula to take home as an addition to her pinked toed tarantula. The vendor cheerfully offered to let me hold it, but I declined/refused out of a panicThe convention may have been an interesting window into the world on exotic pet ownership, but I’m not quite ready to enter it yet. The convention does return in December though, and I may return to look some more. The question mark cockroaches did look pretty entertaining, and might take the place of the fish tank I was thinking buying.



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