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Beetles, Beer and Horror

Halloween has completely crept into stores and I am ecstatic. As I’ve mentioned before, I love fall, and I love celebrating Halloween.  In addition to guzzling pumpkin beer and marathoning horror movies, I spend time each season looking for funky, unique things to decorate with year round. My latest find is a gigantic plastic beetle that now adorns the dashboard of my car. 

Speaking of pumpkin beer, I’ve tried two so far and enjoyed them both. Both the Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Wheat and the Southern Tier Pumpking Beer had a nice flavor with a hint of spice that wasn’t overwhelming. 

My list of movies to get you into the Halloween spirit this week are an intense group. They are filled with suspense, high stakes, and a mix of mental, emotional, and physical trauma. They are the kind of movie that might be hard to watch, but offer a huge payoff if you do. 

Most people are split between being enthusiastic fans of such movies or those who avoid them completely. If your wondering what draws people to these types of films, here’s a great article from that offers some interesting explanations. 
Did I miss a movie you think should have made the list? Are you a fan of horror movies or do you avoid the genre? Let me know!

Agonizing Trauma

Hard Candy

The Silence of the Lambs


Black Swan

The Gift



The Shining

The Girl in the Pictures



The Exorcist

The Visit

Eyes Without A Face

September 15th

Evil Things (TLC, new docuseries)

MOTHER! (Out in theaters)

American Vandal (Season 1 Netflix Original)

September 17th

From Morning twilight in the east will show off a stunning lineup of cosmic gems, starting with the thin crescent moon perched just above brilliant Venus. Continuing in a diagonal line, viewers will see Regulus followed by Mercury and Mars. Binoculars may help you hunt down all the members of this celestial alignment and cut through the increasing glare of the rising sun.


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