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Rose Colored Glasses

Despite a complete lack of planning on my part, I managed to have a great view of the eclipse. The realtor who helped my husband and I buy a house send us solar glasses in the mail as part of his referral campaign, and the parking deck behind my office provided the perfect vantage point. 

The eclipse itself was amazing. Watching the moon slowly slide in front of the sun was mesmerizing, and the 98% coverage bathed the area in a warm honey glow. I took a few pictures of my office building to track the changing hue.

There was a figurative glow to the event as well that I didn’t anticipate.  I had planned on watching the eclipse alone, but found myself being swept up with a group of financial advisers watching the eclipse together. I wound up taking group pictures for them, laughing at all of the memes they had been googling, and sharing my glasses with those who were even less prepared then me. 

All around the top of the parking deck were groups of office workers laughing, sharing solar glasses, and having a great time. It truely felt like I was looking at the world through rose colored glasses. I may not have walked away with any amazing pictures of the actual eclipse, but the memories with stick with me for a long time.


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