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Couponing, Jellyfish, and Shazam 

This week I've been down a rabbit hole trying to weed out all of the apps on my phone that I don't need or use. In the process I've discovered that I really haven't been using many of them to thier full potential. My Fitbit app can track my run times, and lets me choose a playlist to listen to at the same time. The app from my local grocery store lets me download coupons to my loyalty card so I don't have to search them out, print them, and remember them when I go shoppping. I haven't really used coupons in the past because it seemed like too much work, but I'm definitely giving it a try now. Anything to have more money for offbeat day trips and quirky lapel pins. 

All of this lead me to start exploring the Roku app that we have constantly streaming news on th TV in out waiting area at work. We usually stream The ABC news app, and I found that they offer live streams of differant cities in addition to live news coverage. Which means that we now mix in alternating feeds from places like Sydney Harbor, The Manhattan skyline, and the penguin exibit at the Kanas City Zoo with live press conferences and other news coverage. My personal favorite so far has been the jellyfish exibit from the Georgia Aquarium. 

My morning commute playlist this week is all of the music I've Shazamed and downloaded recently, mostly while watching tv. Can you guess which song came from a commercial?

New Discoveries Playlist:

True Colors- Keisha

You Can Run- Adam Jones

Bury- Unions

Trouble- Cage the Elephant 

Shut Up- Anya Marina

The Passanger- Hunter As a Horse

The Great Longing- Lost Under Heaven

In a Blackout- Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam

Ticking Bomb- Aloe Blacc

Don't Let Me Down- Joy Williams

Big Picture- London Grammer

Before I Ever Met You- Banks

Hengilas- Jonsi 

Wake Me Up (Acoustic)- Aloe Blacc

Malibu- Miley Cyrus

Dust My Shoulders Off- Jane Zhang (feat. Timberland)


  1. binspiredshop says

    I often down;load so many apps that I never get to discover the apps full potentail all the time, that you for the information.

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