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Winter is Coming

This week for me is just one big countdown to the Game of Thrones season premiere. I've been listening to the season 6 soundtrack on my way to work every morning while drinking coffee out of my favorite Tyrion Lannister mug, and either wearing my raven lapel pin or elaborate black jewelry. 

I've spent my lunch breaks reading other Game of Thrones blog posts, like this great one over at Pop Cultural Studies. It's an awesome recap of some of the best scenes from GoT that you forgot were your favorites. I've also been scouring Pinterest for Game of Thrones inspired meals and cocktails for Sunday. You'll have to check my Instagram feed to see what I cook up!

Game of Thrones Playlist: 

Main Titles- Ramin Djawadi

Blood of My Blood- Ramin Djawadi

Light of The Seven- Ramin Djawadi

Needle- Ramin Djawadi

Coronation- Ramin Djawadi

Feed the Hounds- Ramin Djawadi

My Watch Has Ended- Ramin Djawadi

The Red Woman- Ramin Djawadi

Hold the Door- Ramin Djawadi

Khaleesi- Ramin Djawadi

Maester- Ramin Djawadi

A Painless Death- Ramin Djawadi

Reign- Ramin Djawadi

Let's Play A Game- Ramin Djawadi

Bastard- Ramin Djawadi

Trust Each Other- Ramin Djawadi

Winter Has Come- Ramin Djawadi

Hear Me Roar- Ramin Djawadi

The Winds of Winter- Ramin Djawadi

I Choose Violence (bonus track)- Ramin Djawadi

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