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Pisgah Covered Bridge

I discovered the Pisgah covered bridge during my drive home from Asheboro, NC. It wound up being the silver lining of an accidental decision to take country roads home instead of the highway. The whole drive was actually pretty scenic, but the covered bridge was definitely the highlight.

Pisgah covered bridge was built in 1911 to allow horses and carriages to cross the Little River. Eventually surpassed by more modern roadways, the bridge was designated a historical landmark. It later became the focus of a major preservation project in 2008 when a flood washed the bridge away. Fortunately, it was reconstructed, partially with original wood rescued from the river. 

Today the bridge is still accessible from the road and visitor friendly. There are picnic tables, and a short trail that loops from one side of the bridge to the other.


  1. I love Pisgah. We have friends in Asheville that we visit a few times each year and we always end up going to the forest for a hike. I’ve not seen the covered bridge though. Rest assured it will be on our agenda next time! Loved these.

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  2. I love these kinds of places – if I lived in the States I would try to visit. (Although, random thought: it does remind me a little bit of that bridge the couple drives off at the start of Beetlejuice!)

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