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Ice Tea, Hard Candies, and Mix Tapes

I often share fun things that help me get though the work week, but sometimes I need an extra boost to just to get though the day. I've been running around like The Flash at work, solving problems and putting out fires left and right. Taking a quick mental break to enjoy a little treat such as hard candy or an ice tea lets me refresh and move on with my day. 

I love a hard candy with a really strong flavor, like cinnamon or lemon. For ice tea, I've been cold brewing my own at home overnight with a French press. I've experimented with several different methods of making my own ice tea, but using a French press is by far the easiest. It also allows you to use loose leaf tea and easily blend more then one kind together. I just measure out the tea, add water, and a little honey, and let it sit overnight. The next day, I just pour it into a water bottle and it's ready to go.

Lastly, a good Playlist always elevates my mood before I get to the office. This week I've been listening to a mashup of the Hamilton soundtrack and the later released mix tape. The music is powerful, pumps me up for work, and gives me some perspective. After listening to what Hamilton survives in the first five minutes, any obstacle I might encounter at work seems surmountable.

Hamilton Playlist

Alexander Hamilton- Original Broadway Cast

My Shot- Original Broadway Cast

You'll Be Back- Original Broadway Cast

The Schuyler Sisters- Original Broadway Cast

Right Hand Man- Original Broadway Cast

Wait For It- Usher

Helpless- Ashanti featuring Ja Rule

Satisfied- Sia featuring Miguel & Queen Latifah 

Ten Duel Commandments-Original Broadway Cast

That Would Be Enough- Alicia Keys

Guns and Ships- Original Broadway Cast

History Has It's Eyes On You- Original Broadway Cast

Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)- Original Broadway Cast

What Comes Next? Original Broadway Cast

Dear Theodosia- Regina Spektor featuring Ben Folds

What'd I Miss- Original Broadway Cast

Say Yes To This- Jill Scott

The Room Where It Happens- Original Broadway Cast

Wrote My Way Out- Nas, Dave East, Lin-Manuel Miranda & Aloe Blacc

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story- Original Broadway Cast


  1. Nel says

    I’ll have to check out this soundtrack. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the play. Also, I like that you like loose leaf tea! I have a post about that brewing soon (haha, pun)

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