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Heroes Convention 

Last weekend I attended the Heroes Convention here in Charlotte, NC. I’m just starting to get into reading comics and graphic novels, so I wasn’t originally planning on attending. However I was given free tickets at the last minute, so my husband and I decided to go for it.

It was fantastic. I was a little overwhelmed by the rows and rows of vendors selling various comic books and merchandise, but really enjoyed the positive energy from the crowd. I posted earlier this week about the fantastic cosplayers in attendance here, their creativity and passion was amazing. 

I was able to step into a panel held by examining the psychology of evil, and it was both entertaining and thought provoking. The panel discussed Philip George Zimbardo’s villain scale, how they use comics and pop culture in therapy, and fielded questions from the crowd. 

I’d like to pose one of the questions asked here: If you could be any villian, who would it be, and why? Keep in mind that isn’t the same as who is your favorite villain. As one panelist, Dr. Michael Critzer, pointed out, “I love Darth Vader, but being Darth Vader would suck.”


  1. Nel says

    Since I’m a huge Norse mythology fan, I think I would choose to be Loki. He was always viewed as the underdog because he was adopted but he proved them all wrong and is such a badass. He maybe be defeated today but not forever! That Wonder Woman did a good job. as well as Jason. The way you captured him looks so ominous.

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  3. dbeautifuldreams says

    Great post!!! Some of those people scared 😳 me!!! Lol. I think I. would be The Joker!!! I mean, if I had to choose. I mean, there’s a love-hate for him and I could get down with that!!!

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