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Honey Packets, Air Conditioning Shields, and Across the Universe 

I’ve still getting used my new location at work, and it’s silly, but the one thing really driving me nuts is the air conditioning. It is perpetually blasting me with frigid air. 

Since I don’t have any choice but to adapt to my new environment, I’ve come up with several strategies to cope. The first one is drinking tea. Lots of tea. I have a mini travel mug that I keep at my desk (to avoid spills) and a stash of stolen honey packets that I snatched from various fast food restaurants. Secondly,  I’ve been having a lot of soup for lunch. I’m a little obsessed with baked potato soup lately, and I keep looking for new variations every time I’m in a grocery store. 

Lastly, I’ve been wearing a lot of scarves. It’s the best way to go from 90 degrees to 60, back out to 90 at the end of the day. I just stuff one in my purse every morning and I’m good to go. My go to scarves right now are a black one with a sugar skull print, and a grey tie dyed one with a stormy vibe to it. 

My music this week has been the soundtrack to Across the Universe. I love the movie, and spent the entire summer of 2007 constantly rewatching it. 

Across the Universe soundtrack:

“Girl” — Jude

“Helter Skelter” — Sadie

“Hold Me Tight” — Lucy, Molly, and Prom Night singers

“All My Loving” — Jude

“I Want to Hold Your Hand” — Prudence

“With a Little Help from My Friends” — Max, Jude, and Dorm buddies

“It Won’t Be Long” — Lucy and Students

“I’ve Just Seen a Face” — Jude

“Let It Be” — Gospel singer, Jojo’s brother, and Church choir

“Come Together” — Pimp, Bum, Mad Hippie, Jojo, and Prostitutes

“Why Don’t We Do It in the Road?” — Sadie

“If I Fell” — Lucy

“I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” — Max, Sadie, Prudence, Uncle Sam, and Soldiers

“Dear Prudence” — Sadie, Jude, Lucy, and Max

“Flying” (instrumental) — The Secret Machines

“Blue Jay Way” — The Secret Machines

“I Am the Walrus” — Dr. Robert

“Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!” — Mr. Kite

“Because” — Lucy, Jude, Max, Sadie, Prudence, and Jojo

“Something” — Jude

“Oh! Darling” — Sadie and Jojo

“Strawberry Fields Forever” — Jude and Max

“Revolution” — Jude

“While My Guitar Gently Weeps” — Jojo and Jude

“Across the Universe” — Jude (interwoven with “Helter Skelter”)

“Happiness Is a Warm Gun” — Max, Bang Bang Shoot Shoot nurses, and Soldiers

“Blackbird” — Lucy

“Hey Jude” — Max, Jude’s mother, Children and Immigrants

“Don’t Let Me Down” — Sadie and Jojo

“All You Need Is Love” — Jude, Sadie, Prudence, Max, and Jojo

“Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” — Bono and The Edge 


  1. Nel says

    I have the same situation in my office. I sit right under the AC unit so I end up freezing. I keep a hoodie in here and people would walk in like you’re cold?? I’m like, “would you like to sit at my desk instead?”

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