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Disco, Summer Blockbusters, and the Sandwich Rut

One of the benefits of taking a cruise vacation are the shows featured during the week you are on board. During the last cruise I took a few weeks ago, the featured show was Saturday Night Fever, based on the movie of the same name originally starring John Travolta.

I was not initially interested in seeing it. I didn't think that I had any interest in much of anything that emerged from the 70's, particularly disco. However, my husband twisted my arm a little, and I agreed to go. Of course, I wound up loving it. I forgot that  bell bottoms aside, the music is really good. The dancing in the show was amazing as well. It made me wonder what else from the 70s I had left unappreciated. I began googling to find out.

A lot of stuff, it turns out. A lot of my favorite horror movies, like Jaws, Alien, and The Exorcist, were made during the 70s. Horror movies also began to gain more recognition and Academy Award nominations as well. Speaking of Jaws, it is also the first true summer blockbuster, followed by Star Wars and Alien. 

The 70s also produced many food trends, including pineapple dishes, onion dip, salad bars, and cheese plates. Ogling vintage cheese plates on Pinterest gave me a solution to a problem I've that I've been trying solve. Boring sandwiches for lunch. Lunch on the patio at my office is something I always look forward too, but lately I feel like my actual lunch was not. 

Creating a cheese plate gives me endless variations to try. This week I'm enjoying marinated mozzarella balls, prosciutto, dates stuffed with goat cheese, a little home made trail mix, carrots, and Double Glouster cheese. I finish it of with a yogurt as a dessert. While listening to my new Disco playlist of course. 

Disco Playlist:

A Fifth of Beethoven- Saturday Night Fever

Stayin Alive- Bee Gees

Night Fever- Bee Gees

Boogie Shoes- KC and The Sunshine Band

Play That Funky Music- Wild Cherries

Come and Get Your Love- Redbone

I Think I Love You- David Cassidy

Shake Your Groove Thing- Peaches and Herb

Dancing Queen- Abba

Mama Mia- Abba

Last Dance- Donna Summers

Love Rollercoaster- Ohio Players

Don't Stop till You Get Enough- Micheal Jackson

I'm Coming Out- Diana Ross

Love Train- The O'Jays

Y.M.C.A- Village People

I Will Survive- Gloria Gaynor


  1. Wonderfully written. The 70’s a great time to be alive. Loved your music list. Thank you for sharing and bringing back some wonderful memories.

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