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Clubbed to Death

I’ve been diving into The Matrix rabbit hole all week, and one of the things that really struck me while rewatching it was the music. The film expertly weaves a fantastic classical score composed by Don Davis with contemporary music by Prodigy, Rob Zombie, and Propellerheads, among others. 

The most popular song on the soundtrack is definitely Clubbed to Death by Rob Dougan. The song accompanies the infamous “Lady in Red” scene in which Neo is introduced to the dangers of The Matrix. The moody instrumental really bridges the classical score and contemporary songs featured in the movie. The Matrix is not the only movie Clubbed to Death is featured in, it was original written for the 1997 movie of the same name, and regained interest when it was included in The Matrix two years later.

There have been several different covers of Clubbed to Death, but my favorite the string heavy version by Escala. 

I also noticed while rewatching The Matrix the similarities between the movie and Inception. The surreal feeling to the Matrix/dream scenes, the specific means of escape (hardline or kick), and the pervasive danger (agents or projections) are a few of the plot points that are similar. Inception still has its own unique themes and plot, but the influence can definitely be seen. 


  1. It’s been years since I watched this- I feel like I should definitely rewatch it now that I read this, especially to notice the music. And yes, I get what you mean about Inception having a similar feel- I thought that too.

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