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Liberty of the Seas

Last week I spent a week on the Liberty of the Seas traveling to Honduras and Mexico. I saw some amazing places, but I was determined to fully explore the boat as well. I read in at least one different location per day, tried different cocktails at every bar, and took advantage of the spa deals offered mid week. One of the most interesting discoveries I made was the incredible amount of strange artwork on the ship. All the Hallways with staterooms had themes, and the stairwells were filled with everything from industrial photography to ethereal paintings. 

All vacations are ultimately fleeting and effervescent, so I made a point to get up and watch the sunrise one morning, and have a quiet moment to take in the ocean, and appreciate the time away from work and obligations. I also keep a list of tips that helped me enjoy my trip, beyond the usual advice of remembering sunscreen and drinking enough water (although both are very important!)

Cruise Tips

Donate to a cause when shopping. In Cozumel I stumbled upon a stand selling water bottles to support local animal shelters. Perfect momento for my trip!
Use artwork to navigate the ship. I always knew I was in the dame part of the ship as our stateroom when I recognized the Catwoman photograph near our room. 

Wrinkle free pants. You don’t want to waste a bunch of space in your suitcase on formalwear, but you can’t wear shorts to the dining room. Pack a pair of pants you can wear more than once. 

Explore lower decks. I spent a lot of time enjoying the view on deck four of Liberty of the Seas, it was more sheltered from wind, had deck chairs set up, and offered an uninterrupted loop to walk.

Bingo is fun- trivia is free (and also fun!)

Bring an old device to listen to music by the pool. I used my iPhone 4, and I wasn’t worried about getting it wet or losing it. 

If you need a break from the heavy options at the breakfast buffet, plain yogurt, fruit, and honey from the tea station is a really good alternative.

Take pictures of bar menu if you discover a new drink, it will help you recreate it later.


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