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Meetings, Rain, and The Matrix 

Coming back to work from a vacation has been a little rough. I have a pile of work to catch up on, phone issues to fix, and I'm hosting two meetings today. To top it all off, it is going to rain for this entire week.

I'm embracing the weather and distracting myself with the movie The Matrix. I love watching a movie I haven't watched in a while and noticing new details. This time, it was the sound editing that really stuck out, especially the scene in which Neo meets Trinity for the first time. You almost have to lean in to hear what she is saying over the music, just like Neo does.

After watching Neo conquer the nefarious Agents, I started reading one of the books that influenced the film, Simulacra and Simulation, by Jean Baudrillard during my lunch break. I of course also came up with a Matrix playlist to pump me up during my drive in all week, and have been living in black and grey office wear. With my burgundy loafers as an accent (they remind me of the burgundy chairs in the movie) and a matte black coffee mug to top it all off. 

Back in The Matrix Playlist:

Opening theme- Don Davis

Dissolved Girl – Massive Attack

Dracula- Rob Zombie

Minefields- Prodigy 

Unable to speak- Don Davis 

Welcome to the Real World- Don Davis

Leave You Far Behind- Lunatic Mind

Clubbed to Death- Rob Dougan 

Prime Audio Soup- Meat Beat Manifesto  

Minor Swing- Django Reinhardt 

The Hotel Ambush- Don Davis 

Spybreak- Propellerheads

Anything is Possible- Don Davis

Wake Up- Rage Against the Machines 

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