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Coffee, Superheroes, and an Early Morning Audit

It would be more then accurate to say that my desk job is not glamorous. It addition to the typical work associated with an office manager, I also handle setting up and maintaining the phones and internet, and moving furniture for new office occupants. 

On top of all that, occasionally I have to come in extra early to perform audits. Although the 5 am wake up time is a drawback, there are some advantages as well. I breeze down the traffic free highway,  there is no one in the office to interrupt me, and I can work with headphones on. 

This week I’m auditing a phone system that I am still learning how to program phones on. No easy feat! To pump me up, I made a playlist of music from some of my favorite movies/tv shows based on comics and graphic novels. I also have a sidekick, my favorite stainless steel coffee mug, filled with strong Nicaraguan coffee from my sister’s fiancé. It keeps coffee hot for hours! Which I definitely need during a long early morning project.

Audit Playlist:

Batman Evolution- The Piano Guys

Vindicated- Dashboard Confessional (Spider-Man 2)

Broken- Seether featuring Amy Lee (The Punisher)

Selina Transforms, Pt .2- Danny Elfman (Batman Returns)

Bad Reputation- Joan Jett (Kick Ass)

Black Sheep- Evil Exes (Scott Pilgram vs The World)

Arsonist’s Lullabye- Hozier (The Walking Dead)

Burn- The Cure (The Cure)

Dead Souls- Nine Inch Nails (The Crow)

Blackbird Song- Lee DeWyse (The Walking Dead)

Evey Reborn- Dario Marianelli (V for Vendetta)

I found a Reason- Cat Power (V for Vendetta)

O-O-H Child- The Five Stairsteps (Guardians of the Galaxy)

My nemesis, our PBX system…


  1. It’s like the badass superhero’s playlist, for the end of the world or some serious ass kicking.
    I really like the way you ended it! Perfect ending for an epic intense playlist.
    Your missing Ben Howard’s Oats in the Water from the Walking Dead.

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  2. Nel says

    I didn’t realize half of these songs were in superhero movies with the exception of the last one because I love GOTG Vol. 1 soundtrack. Great way to start your day indeed!

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