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The Queen Mary

When my husband and I planned our honeymoon about 7 years ago, we decided on a Royal Caribbean cruise leaving out of Long Beach, California. Our plan was to fly cross country from Boston the night before, and board the ship the next day. While finalizing these plans my husband made a surprising discovery that added a bonus stop to our trip. Long Beach was also home to The Queen Mary, an ocean liner similar to Titanic. Now permanently docked, it functions as a hotel, event host, and historical site. We decided to arrive in California two days early, and pair our modern cruise with a couple of night on the historic luxury liner. 

It was fascinating. I had read previously about the ship reputation for being haunted, but the ship had much more to see then ghosts. We took a self guided tour that took us all over the ship, pointing out interesting features while explaining the logistics of ocean travel and the history of the ship. The Queen Mary’s journey from elite cruise ship to a Navy transport ship known as the Grey Ghost is incredible.

Although I loved seeing the famously long hallway that transforms people on the other end into ghosts by optical illusion, my favorite spot on the tour was a different point on the ship. At one point I turned a corner, and found myself looking down at the ship’s propeller. The sheer enormity of its size combined with the thrill of danger at the realization that I was not actually standing on the ship, but a small buildout instead, was incredible. 


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  2. onbecomingmaria says

    wow! your pictures are breathtaking! you have an eye for snapping good captures, like the lights, hallways and the interesting signs (throw nothing overboard). very cool post πŸ™‚


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